Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Opening of a new Dzogchen Centre in Rawang, Malaysia

On 5 Apr 2015 Acho Rinpoche was invited to inaugurate the opening of a new Dzogchen Centre – “Sangchen Woesel Dzogpachenpo Centre” in Rawang, Malaysia. He also co-presided over the Hundred Deities Puja cum Soul Deliverance Prayer and Naga Vase Puja with H.E Konde Rinpoche, the abbot of the centre.
During his speech, Konde Rinpoche thanked Dharma Brother Wong for offering his 3-storey shop house for setting up the new Dzogchen Centre cum hostel for the resident monks, which was a great meritorious act. Konde Rinpoche also offered an Amitayu Prayer for Acho Rinpoche, praying for his longevity and good health for the benefits of the sentient beings.
Acho Rinpoche later shared with the audience that a cultivator should aspire to attain true enlightenment in order to be able to help the sentient beings. It is not important whether a cultivator sits on the stage or below. He particularly applauded the conduct of Patrul Rinpoche who was a very low profile but a truly accomplished practitioner. During his time, there was an occasion when Patrul Rinpoche was invited to preside over a dharma assembly, but he ended up working quietly in the kitchen, without telling anyone who he was. Finally, when he was invited by the organizer to go on stage, his co-workers in the kitchen realized who he really was. Acho Rinpoche admired the conduct of Patrul Rinpoche very much and regarded him as a role model. There was an occasion when Acho Rinpoche was invited to a Vajrayana centre in Taiwan by the resident abbot. On the very day, Acho Rinpoche arrived early at the centre when the resident abbot was out. The helper at the centre did not know who he was and advised him to just wait for the arrival of the abbot. Acho Rinopche did not reveal his identity as a Buddhist master to the helper and simply waited for the arrival of the abbot while seated on the floor. When the abbot returned to the centre, he immediately invited Acho Rinpoche to sit on the throne instead, much to the surprise of the helper.   
Acho Rinpoche also applauded the spiritual attainment of Konde Rinpoche, telling the audience that the latter is another humble but accomplished cultivator too. Acho Rinpoche advised those who have a spiritual connection with Konde Rinpoche to cherish the latter and follow his teachings, for they will attain good spiritual accomplishment too. Acho Rincpohe stressed that a big Dharma assembly does not necessarily guarantee a powerful blessing, as it all depends on the spiritual attainment of the one presiding over the practice. A small Dharma assembly will receive great power of blessing if the one presiding over the practice is an accomplished cultivator. A Dharma assembly with tens of thousands of participants does not necessarily reflect the level of spiritual attainment of the one presiding over the practice. Similarly, a famous Buddhist master who has millions of followers also does not mean that he is an accomplished practitioner.
The whole event ended nicely with a trip out to the sea, for the dragon vases to be offered to the sea. We prayed for the safety and prosperity of the country and conducive weather conditions. We also urged the Naga Kings to attain Buddhahood soon as part of the prayer, while seeking their blessing of wealth to support the cultivators financially. When we arrived at the pier, the sky was sunny and yet we heard a sudden loud thunder piercing through the sky. When we were out in the sea, we threw all dragon vases containing medicinal herbs and holy objects that could help heal the sea beings of their sickness and cleanse their karma into the sea. Soon after, the sky turned dark followed by a heavy downpour. It was so cooling and breezy! We thanked the Naga Kings for coming forward to support this event and their blessings, which brought the Naga Vase Prayer to a perfect closure.