Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spectacular Spiritual Responses of Vajrayana Practice

Last night, two of our fellow practitioners shared their spectacular spiritual responses.

1)      Dharma Sister Bing’s Sharing
I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was with Dharma Brother Kheng at his home, doing our prayers together.  Suddenly, I saw a ball of golden light descending from space. I realized that it was the light of Heruka, when it got very close to me. The golden ball of light entered my body through my crown, and we merged as one. I could feel the many heads and eyes on my body but I could do very little to control my body after its transformation. I could only move my hand and I stretched it out to nudge Kheng. He ended his meditation and helped me stabilise my body. At this juncture, Acho Rinpoche appeared right before me and he touched my forehead with his thumb. I could feel my forehead opening up, with a sizzling sound similar to a paper wall being pierced through by a burning stick of incense.  I could feel a very strong current being transmitted from Acho Rinpoche through his thumb into my head (the current consisted of numerous scriptures and teachings), through that opening on my forehead. I felt as if my head was so full that it was about to explode. However, Acho Rinpoche just continued to transmit the current into me and he looked obviously joyful. Finally, I woke up from my dream and my head felt heavy. I felt extremely energetic and could not return to my sleep immediately. I thanked Acho Rinpoche and Heruka for their great blessing. Homage to Sun Moon Lamp Buddha!
2) Dharma Sister Cherry’s Sharing
Yen, a good friend of mine, joined us for prayer for the first time. After which, she told me that she felt very good and her mind was very calmed and composed. When she reached home, she suddenly realised that her legs did not hurt anymore, after feeling painful for the whole day. She was very excited by her unusual experience and asked me through Wechat whether that was due to the blessing of Acho Rinpoche. Interestingly, immediately after posing her question, she felt excruciating pain in her legs again. I told her immediately that it was absolutely true that it was due to the blessing of Acho Rinpoche that her legs did not hurt any more. However, she must have a very firm faith in Acho Rinpoche in order to receive the greatest blessing. If she is doubtful about it, she will end up otherwise. Once again, she regained her faith in Acho Rinpoche and her legs miraculously did not hurt anymore.    
Tonight, Yen joined us for the prayer for the second time. Her tears were rolling down her face throughout the whole prayer session, out of her control. Her body used to be weak and she felt uncomfortable before the prayer. However, when the prayer came to an end, her discomfort just disappeared. So, she kept murmuring: “This is just unbelievable!”  
Last nigt, my mother fell asleep while still forming the mudra of Acho Rinpoche. She had a vision of Acho Rinpoche appearing in space, giving her blessing. She saw a continuous flow of Buddha light in the form of a big circle showering her body. Next, she saw a Dharmapala appearing before her, radiating strong golden light. She woke up finding herself still forming the mudra of Acho Rinpoche. She could still feel the great energy even after awakening from her sleep. Her crown and temples felt tight.
On the very night after taking refuge in Acho Rinpoche, my father could not sleep. He kept reciting the name of Sun Moon Lamp Buddha and chanting the heart mantra of Acho Rinpoche, and he felt so energetic that he did not feel like sleeping at all. When he shut his eyes, he suddenly saw numerous pillars of light rising from the ground and reaching all the way into space – they were emitting lights towards all directions. Next, all the pillar of lights converged and focused on him! As it was simply too bright for him to stare them in the eyes, he continued to shut his eyes while enjoying the showering of light quietly. He felt exhilarated beyond words.
I would like to express my gratitude towards Acho Rinpoche. Homage to Sun Moon Lamp Buddha, for the greatest blessing! Homage to Sun Moon Lamp Buddha, for the greatest loving kindness and compassion, blessing every sentient beings who are suffering in the ocean of samsara. Thank you, my Buddha Master. I prostrate to you, my Buddha Master.
After their sharing, Acho Rinpoche commended on the spectacular spiritual response experienced by Bing. He explained that Bing has a very deep spiritual connection with Heruka, so she could choose Heruka as her main deity of protection. However, she should not regard such experience as a true state of enlightenment because she still has to face the numerous tests ahead as part of the practice.
Cherry had worked in Singapore for a short period of time. During which, she met Acho Rinpoche, took refuge in him and learnt from him. After that, she returned to Shanghai, China but she continues her practice diligently. Nowadays, she takes part in the group prayers conducted in Singapore through the Internet webcast. Her family and friends joined her too. She realized that the blessing power of Acho Rinpoche is omnipresent. They could feel the power of blessing engulfing them every time they joined the group prayer conducted by Acho Rinpoche. Not only that, she and some of her family members have experienced spectacular spiritual responses during this period too. They have since developed a firm faith in Acho Rinpoche. “Faith is the mother of enlightenment and merits” – we have understood this golden maxim better through their experience now.  
Acho Rinpoche said, physical distance is irrelevant to a true practitioner.  This is true because we have witnessed more than once how Acho Rinpoche conferred his blessing to Cherry’s group remotely, with them making their request through the Internet webcast and him giving his blessing transcending the physical constraint of time and space, with positive results reported by Cherry without fail.
Homage to my Buddha Master!
Homage to Sun Moon Lamp Buddha!
Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 23-5-2015