Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Message from Olivier Faneuil in France

Olivier is the fiancée of Dharma Sister Yue in Hangzhou, China. He is from France. He came into contact with Acho Rinpoche in August 2016 when he visited Yue in China. He took part in a few of our group prayers through Internet webcast during the visit. Initially, he found it hard to appreciate our practice because Buddhism was quite foreign to him, as he was brought up in a completely western culture since young. So, he declined the suggestion by Yue to go further into the practice by taking refuge in Acho Rinpoche. Acho Rinpoche advised him that there was no need for him to take refuge hastily but they could continue to keep in touch with each other as friends through WeChat.
Through WeChat, Olivier discussed with Acho Rinpoche on the many questions he had about the practice, and Acho Rinpoche recommended him a book entitled “The Power of Now” which was written by a westerner, providing a westerner’s perspective on the practice. This book helped Olivier appreciate the teachings better. And gradually, he also gained some personal experiences which were inexplicable including seeing a rare rainbow appearing in the sky one day and a bird that seemed to be following him for some long distance; and he began to notice the change in him.
Here he is, sharing his experience with us:
Hello everyone. I'd like to share with you what I've been feeling for a few days through meditation. The first thing I want to say is I try to be present in everything I do, all day. The meditation is for me just a training for what I live everyday. Since I do that, I can feel a strong feeling of happiness inside all my body. But it's not something I ever felt before. It's stronger and always there. I just have to be quiet to feel it. I can feel it all day. My heart can be moved just when I walk in the street. I can feel people, trees. Just everything. I can't put a name to it or it will mean less than what it is. I feel good, I feel me. This weekend I told my mom, “I love you.” As far as I remember, I had never told her that. I thought I never could. I try to be a Buddha everyday. I don't care whether I can achieve that. I just try to be one. And it makes me different, a better person, or just the person we all are inside us.
Acho Rinpoche has the following advice for him, “This is bodicitta nature within us and the more your share, the more happiness will arise at present.”
May we wish Olivier a fruitful journey in search of the true purpose of life. 

Reported by Sun-Moon-KFS, Singapore.

10 October 2016