Monday, July 28, 2014

New Book: Dancing Over The Rainbow

Dancing Over The Rainbow
ISBN: 978-981-07-9532-0
A collection of miscellaneous teachings on mind training and true happiness. Vol. 2
Foreword by
H.E Dzogchen Rinpoche

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You may find the paper books in Singapore Popular, Union, Changi Airport and Evergreen (Pearl Centre@Outram Park) book shops.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

22-Jun-2014: Yellow Jembhala & Naga Vase Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

22-Jun-2014: Konde Rinpoche and Acho Rinpoche of Nyingma Dzogchen Lineage jointly presided over a Yellow Jembhala and Naga Vase Ceremony at Menara PGRM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The ceremony started at 10am in-door where a prayer was held. After lunch, the group continued with the Naga Vase offering in the sea at Port Klang. All the proceeds from this event went to the temple building fund for constructing a new monastery and retreat centre named after Acho Rinpoche in Baluwala, Uttarakhand, India. The ceremony also included a soul deliverance prayer for the victims of MH370.
Yellow Jembhala is the richest deity in the heaven, whereas the Naga (dragon) King is the richest deity in the sea. All participants received blessings from both Yellow Jembhala and Naga King, thus increasing their fortunes and strengthening their spiritual connection with Buddhism. There are herbal medicines and sacred objects placed within the Naga Vases which can help treat the illnesses of dragons and sea beings, thus restoring their health and making them happy. The peace enjoyed by the dragons and sea beings will, in return, bring peace to the human world. Mankind should abstain from killing and destroying the nature without restraint, live and let live. Only when all sentient beings live together in harmony, enjoying the abundance of natural resources while maintaining a balanced eco-system, can the world become peaceful and natural disasters be avoided. As advised by Acho Rinpoche during his speech, “We can only change this world when everyone practises mind-training.”
When we arrived at Port Klang, a sun halo appeared, with a rainbow arc appearing above the sun. This symbolised the success of this ceremony, with all the participants receiving great blessings from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and accumulating inconceivable amount of merits which will benefit them for a long time to come.
More pictures:
Reported by Buddha Eye Studio.
(When we arrived at Port Klang, a sun halo appeared, with a rainbow arc appearing above the sun.) 
(A local participant took a picture of Acho Rinpoche using her mobile phone but it turned out this way.)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Book: Dancing Over the Rainbow

Foreword by
H.E Dzogchen Rinpoche

Dancing Over The Rainbow
ISBN: 978-981-07-9532-0
This is the second English book published by Acho Publications to-date. It is a collection of teachings given by Acho Rinpoche on mind training and true happiness.
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  1. 友联书局 (Union Bookshop at Brash Basah Complex)
  2. 长青佛教书局 (Evergreen Buddhist Boookshop at Pearl Centre, Outram Park)
  3. 樟宜机场 (Relay and News Travel book shops at Changi Airport)
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Monday, February 17, 2014


The teaching of Emptiness is very important in both the Sutrayana and Vajrayana. A practitioner will not be able to make good progress on the path of enlightenment if he fails to understand the teaching of Emptiness. Emptiness does not mean an absolute void. To an ordinary person, it is either existence or non-existence; good or bad; pretty or ugly; black or white - one tends to fall into the concept of duality. 

Sakyamuni Buddha expounded the Law of Karma and sufferings at the initial stage - these are teachings about Existence. You will likely mistaken the true meaning of Emptiness if you are exposed to this subject too early, that you might assume that there is no need for practice if everything does not exist. On the other hand, if you hear only the teachings of Existence, you will be constrained by the concept of Existence and will not be able to attain enlightenment. So, there is a need to teach the subject of Emptiness – to bring the students to a higher level of realization, breaking away from the concept of Existence. However, there is one thing that cannot be refuted – the Law of Karma. You have to trust the Law of Karma but you cannot be constrained by its concept; you will need to balance it with the concept of Emptiness in order to be able to break free from the Cyclic Existence.

Sakyamuni Buddha expounded the concept of Egolessness, which is not equivalent to the meaning of a complete void; it means that the notion of ego is actually unfounded. In all circumstances, Emptiness and Karma co-exist. All things visible to our eyes are a composite existence of both Karma and Emptiness in one. When Sakyamuni Buddha expounded the teachings of Egolessness, He mentioned the Law of Karma too. Please bear this in mind – the Law of Karma truly exists; you will fall into hell if you do the bad things. Sakyamuni Buddha said that hell does exist. However, had He stopped at this level and not gone on to teach about Emptiness, you would think that once you fall into hell, you will never be able to leave break free from it. Hell is real but it is also empty in nature. After you have fallen into hell, when you realise that hell is also empty in nature, you will be able to break free from the Cyclic Existence. Sakyamuni Buddha mentioned both the Law of Karma and Emptiness. This is an area in Buddhism that is difficult to comprehend because both concepts seem to be contradictory. It is not easy to understand the Law of Karma and Emptiness at the same time. Sakyamuni Buddha said that all phenomena are empty in nature. However, Composite Existence is just another side of the same coin as Emptiness. A phenomenon is a composite existence that is empty of a self-nature, that it is just an appearance. Although an appearance can be seen but it is empty in nature. It is indeed difficult to comprehend this concept. 

Many Vajrayanists and those who study the teachings of Prajna Wisdom have difficulty in grasping the true essence of this teaching. Emptiness does not mean a physical void; it is intertwined with the Law of Karma. The Law of Karma is empty in nature but appearance can be formed based on a set of conditions (composite existence) due to the nature of Emptiness. You will need to actualise the practice in order to fully figure out this teaching of Sakyamuni Buddha, otherwise you will think that He contradicted Himself. This is a concept which cannot be easily understood simply based on our conventional logical thinking. Our conventional logical thinking is very much confined within the sphere of Existence and Non-Existence. Egolessness and Emptiness are very superior views but they are difficult to be comprehended through conventional logic. If you mistaken the teaching to be a complete void, you will fall into nihilism which is wrong. When you fall into nihilism, you will think that since everything is empty, you can do whatever you like and do the wrong things including transgressing the precepts. It is indeed not easy for one to master these two concepts of Emptiness and Existence. Ponder these two concepts.

Our limited cognitive ability is the reason why we are ignorant of the Law of Karma. Usually we cannot see the workings of the Law of Karma – there are many bad people who seem to be still enjoying their lives regardless of their bad deeds. Actually, we can only see a small fraction of an unlimited span of space and time – we are constrained by our limited view and therefore we suspect the Law of Karma. Sakyamuni Buddha said that the Law of Karma is real but the ordinary people do not have a higher wisdom to understand it. Even the Arahats who have developed supernatural powers cannot fully comprehend the Law of Karma, let alone the ordinary ones. A Buddha possesses unlimited supernatural powers and therefore has a full view of the Law of Karma. An ordinary person can never understand the Law of Karma on his own. Death is merely an end of this lifetime but the beginning of the next. All that you have done in this lifetime will be carried forward to your next life. Thus, your present life is a continuation of your past life and the creation of your next life, and this cycle repeats… 

Next, “happiness comes easy”. Happiness does not require too many conditions. Sakyamuni Buddha said that there are many things in life that appear trivial but can bring about happiness – when we are thirsty, we will feel happy after drinking a cup of water; when we are hungry, we will feel happy after eating a bowl of noodle. Small little things in life can create happiness for us – connect the individual happy periods into a long string of happiness, and you will become a happy person. We should purify our mind daily and feel such sense of happiness simply, and you will improve in your practice gradually. Actually, true happiness comes from a peaceful mind but not physical possessions. Many people have mistaken that happiness comes from their physical possessions; Sakyamuni Buddha had denied such view. All the external possessions are not the true source of happiness but suffering. You will feel anguished when you fail to possess what you desire. True happiness comes from the inner peace within our mind, simplicity and the willingness to let go. 

More than 2,500 years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha attained full enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree and He continued to teach for the next 49 years. In the Lotus Sutra, He was recorded as saying “There is no sentient being who does not possess the wisdom of a Buddha.” Another word, every sentient being possesses the wisdom of a Buddha but he is unable to attain it due to his own deluded thinking. The most important thing to us is to rediscover this innate wisdom right within us. All sentient beings are already in possession of a complete and enlightened mind, regardless of how lusty, tyrannical, cunning or ignorant we are; this enlightened mind of ours never depletes. It is there all along. We only need to relax, and bring it out in us – this is the most important objective of a spiritual practice.

A Dharma Discourse given by Acho Rincpohe on 7 Aug 2013.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Precious Human Birth

Acho Rinpoche: Today is the first day of the first Lunar Month, which is also the Supernatural Day of the Buddhist Calendar; the Tibetan Calendar is one day later. The power of blessing of the Supernatural Day is inconceivable. You should practise with vigor within this month in order to cleanse your negative karma; develop your brilliance and wisdom. Strive to maintain a happy mind at every moment, immersing in a spiritual joy. This is how we should cherish this life and our encounter with the precious Tantra. Do practice well. Is there anything else that anyone would like to share?
Xin: I had a dream one night, after chanting the heart mantra of Acho Rinpoche and later retiring to bed. In my dream, I saw a man following me closely. I did not recognise this man who seemed to be in his forty. Suddenly, he became smaller and smaller in size and he finally transformed into a silver dragon! It was beautiful! It was illuminating with rainbow light. It asked me to ride on its back. I hesitated slightly but eventually decided to take the ride. At that juncture, I woke up from my dream.  
Acho Rinpoche: Xin achieved a spiritual response after chanting my heart mantra. I have a very profound affinity with the Dragon Buddha who was the first dragon attaining Buddhahood in the dragon world. I told the audience at the Dragon Vase Practice held in Penang, Malaysia that if Dragon Buddha graced the occasion, it would mean that the highest merit was attained. As Dragon Buddha has a very profound connection with me, those who chant my heart mantra and practice well will be protected by the dragon kings! This is the promise of Dragon Buddha. They will help you and even give you a ride, bringing you to the various inconceivable places. Dragon Buddha is the biggest Buddha in the dragon world who looks after the rest of the dragons. Those who chant my heart mantra will receive very powerful blessing and achieve superior spiritual responses.
Mayumla had a vision of light during our last prayer session? Let’s invite her to do the sharing.
Mayumla: It was a special sensation that occurred during our chanting of Karmapa’s mantra. When I visualised the image of the 17th Karmapa, I felt more closely connected with the 16th Karmapa instead. I could feel his aura showering my body and my heart chakra emitted light outward, returning into the body of the 16th Karmapa. It seemed to be in a circular motion. When I seemed to nearly enter a state of quietude, I hesitated because I was worried that I might end up losing my way. I remained in that strange sensation for quite awhile.
Acho Rinpoche: The special occasion (Acho Rinpoche came across the picture of the 17th Karmapa in Chinese monk robe hung in a shop) was the cause of doing a special prayer on that day of chanting the mantra of Karmapa. Karmapa descended during our prayer, including all the lineage patriarchs ranging from Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa… to the 17th Karmapa, giving us blessing. Mayumla saw light emitted from her heart chakra because she has a special connection with the 16th Karmapa. She saw light being exchanged between her heart chakra and that of the 16th Karmapa. That was a very good spiritual response and attainment. I hope you would cherish such inconceivable power of blessing and seize the opportunity to practise well, and strive for the state of enlightenment in this lifetime.  
Cyclic Existence is an inconceivable phenomenon. If you fail to practise well, you will continue to be stranded in the Six Realms of Cyclic Existence perpetually. We are not certain if we could still come across the precious Buddha Dharma in future. It will be extremely difficult for one to gain a human birth. However, it will be extremely easy for one to lose a human birth and fall into the Three Lower Realms (animal, hell being and hungry ghost); there is no way to make a comparison numerically. Therefore, I repeated many times that as long as a man does not practise or fail in his practice of the Buddha Dharma, he will not be able to keep his human birth. It is indeed very hard to gain a human birth but the opportunity of falling into the Three Lower Realms is much greater, let alone the difficulty of rising to the highest Path of Buddhahood. It is very hard to go beyond the Six Realms of Existence and return to the Path of Buddhahood. It is also very hard to return to the Human Realm from the Three Lower Realms. One will be stranded within the Three Lower Realms for a long time once fallen.
Do not assume that the Three Lower Realms are no big deal and ignore the likelihood of falling. Once fallen into the Three Lower Realms, one will continue to be born as a snake, cat, dog, worm, hell being, hungry ghost etc. Do not assume that the Hungry Ghost Realm is not big deal because it is in a state of great suffering, likewise the Hell Realm. Hungry ghosts are perpetually in starvation but they will never be able to eat anything at all, for millions of year. It will be very difficult for one to rise from a lower realm to the Human Realm. Since we are fortunate enough to be reborn in the Human Realm based on good karma, we ought to cherish this precious human birth and put it to practice. With the superior power of blessing, we should strive towards enlightenment. We should return to this world to help the rest of the sentient beings after attaining Buddhahood, and remain in this world to perpetually turn the Wheel of Dharma to help the sentient beings.
This life will pass in no time. I repeated many times that your wife, children, career etc. will vanish in a blink of eye; what is most important is to do your spiritual practice.
A Dharma Discourse given by Acho Rinpoche on 10 Feb 2013.