Sunday, July 17, 2016

Inauguration of a New Nyingma Dzogchen Centre in Rawang, KL, Malaysia on 25 Jun 2016

On 15 Jun 2016, Acho Rinpoche, Konde Rinpoche and Konchok Sangpo Khenpo from Namdroling of South India jointly inaugurated the opening of a new Nyingma Dzogchen Centre in Rawang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - "Sangchen Woesel Dzogpachenpo Centre". A prayer was conducted including feast offering, lamp offering, soul deliverance and empowerment of Guru Rinpoche. After that, we went to Port Klang to offer the dragon vases by dropping them into the sea. We witnessed a sun halo appearing then, which was an auspicious sign celebrating the meritorious event. Hompage to the Most Supreme Naga King Buddha.

Reported by Sun-Moon-KFS on 25-6-2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Guru Rinpoche Feast Offering, One Hundred Deities Soul Deliverance cum Life Liberation Prayers Held in Penang, Malaysia on 9 Jul 2016

On 8 Jul 2016, a group of 16 of us travelled from Singapore to Penang with Acho Rinpoche to take part in a public prayer organised by Konde Rinpoche on the following day.  On our way to Penang, we saw an arc of rainbow appearing below our airplane, which was an auspicious sign.

On 9 Jul 2016, Konde Rinpoche and Acho Rinpoche jointly presided over the public prayer at The Straits Chinese Association of Penang. The prayer started from 10am and lasted till after 5pm. It was a long day packed with the various activities including a feast offering to Guru Rinpoche, a soul deliverance prayer, release of birds, smoke puja and the transmission of Tsa-lung Practice on Inner Heat Yoga.  Someone took a photo using a smart phone, with one of the photos showing beautiful rainbow lights appearing while Acho Rinpoche was releasing the birds. We were standing outside the building but within a shaded area at that juncture, with no possible light source of such nature. It was indeed a clear sign of blessing from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, manifested in the form of rainbow light. Those present were indeed blessed for the eradication of negative karma and increase in spiritual connection with the Buddha Dharma, heading towards the path to enlightenment.

When we were burning the enrolment forms for soul deliverance outdoor, beautiful clouds appeared in the sky. One of which appeared in the form of a gigantic triangular-shaped tooth, which is one of the unique features of Ekajati. Acho Rinpoche affirmed the appearance of Ekajati and shared with the rest that she actually manifested a very gigantic appearance in space. Ekajati is the greatest protector of the Nyingma and also the manifestation of Samanthabdra Buddha. Not only that, Ekajati was the root guru, personal deity and protector of Guru Rinpoche. It was indeed a very rare occasion for Ekajati to grace an occasion like this. Later, we also made smoke puja offering to the sentient beings stranded in the lower realms which only feed on scent.

Finally, Konde Rinpoche transmitted the Tsa-lung practice by showing a set of basic breathing methods. He told the participants that one who masters the basic breathing methods could already build a healthy body. There are 53 other steps that are much more complex which have yet to be transmitted. A practitioner who could master the full Tsa-lung practice well could fly without the aid of modern technologies. He joked that those who could finally master the skill of flying could save on air tickets. Later, he shared with Acho Rinpoche that he had, in the past, witnessed some of the Tsa-lung practitioners who could leap from the floor to air in full lotus posture and remained still in air for a few minutes.

Ani Dhammadina was our host cum translator at the prayer. She did a beautiful translation of speeches made by Konde Rinpoche and Acho Rinpoche on the spot. She became a nun in Teravada Buddhism in Myanmar more than a decade ago. She practised the tradition of Maharshi on Four Mindfulness with vigour all these years, but she also helped in the propagation of Vajrayana Buddhism in Malaysia. Her spirit of “ligme” (non-sectarianism) is indeed very admirable.

On 10 Jul 2016, we flew back to Singapore. On our way home, we witnessed a rainbow circle surrounding our airplane – we are again in the company of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Protectors. We are very grateful indeed!

10-7-2016 Reported by Sun-Moon-KFS

Quintessential Teaching and Avoidance of Wrong Path

Tonight Acho Rinpoche shared with us the quintessential teaching of the Vajrayanaya – view one’s teacher as a Buddha. This is a unique teaching of the Vajrayana, not found in the Sutrayana nor the Hinanyana. Sutrayana has the view that a practitioner must go through a long period of time (three eons) before attaining Buddhahood, whereas Hinayana has the view that the highest level of spiritual attainment is the Arahat. However, Vajrayana has the view that a practitioner who views his teacher as a Buddha, can obtain inconceivable and the most supreme form of blessing from the Buddha, which could help him swiftly attain Buddhahood in the present life. Acho Rinpoche also observed that there are more Sutrayana teachers who have started acknowledging the possibility of attaining Buddhahood in the present life. A Vajrayanist who regards his teacher as a Buddha will receive the blessing of a Buddha, regardless of whether his teacher is yet to attain Buddhahood or has already attained Buddahood.  This is a very profound teaching incomprehensible by ordinary beings but the benefits of which can indeed be reaped by one who truly embraces it in practice. The past patriarchs of the Vajrayana repeated the same teaching generation by generation, including Guru Padmasambhava, thus testifying the truth in the teaching. A Vajrayanist who fails to personalise this teaching has indeed wasted a golden opportunity of attaining Buddhahood through this means. Acho Rinpoche fully embraced this teaching in his practice right from the beginning.
He also pointed out that the most crucial segment of our daily sadhana (prayer) lies in the middle segment, among the three stages of preliminary, middle and final segments. The middle segment deals with Samadhi. A practitioner who aspires to attain Buddhahood must master the skill of entering the state of Samadhi, which is a state where one’s body, speech and mind are totally quiet. One’s body will rest in a state of quietness by sitting in a Vairocana’s Seven Sitting Postures. One’s speech will become silent when not reciting any sutra or mantra. One’s mind will rest in a state of quietness when not doing visualisation. It is most difficult to quiet one’s mind. In Vajrayana, there is a practice called “trekcho” which can cut off one’s thoughts, allowing a practitioner to attain the state of enlightenment – “togal”. Our thoughts are the source of all anxieties. A practitioner should try to keep a simple mind free of the numerous thoughts, which may appear “dump”, and try not to appear “smart” with his mind constantly engaged in the numerous thoughts. Keeping a mind free of thoughts for a long period of time will finally bring one to the ultimate state of quietness – at this juncture, the greatest blessing power of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will naturally appear to help the practitioner swiftly attain the state of “togal” – transforming his existence into light and helping him to attain the state of ultimate freedom.  
Some people asked, “There seems to be 5 sects in Tibetan Buddhism nowadays, in addition to the usual 4 known in the past viz. Nyingma, Kagyud, Sakya and Gelug?” Reason being, there is a new group of lamas donning green lama robes who called themselves the “New Kadampa”. This group practises “Dorje Shugden”, which is forbidden by the Dalai Lama and the rest of the Tibetan Buddhism sects. A practitioner of Dorje Shugden will no doubt develop strong spiritual power but it is, however, a wrong path. Recently, Sodargye Khenpo appeared on an Internet video footage, advising everyone not to practise “Dorje Shugden”. There are indeed wrong teachers who can mislead the practitioners onto the wrong path leading to hell; some of them could even have tens of thousands of followers. Hence, choosing a right teacher is of paramount importance to a practitioner who aspires to walk the true path to enlightenment. 
4-7-2016 Reported by Sun-Moon-KFS