Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nepal 7.8 Earthquake (2015)

On 25 Apr 2015, around 12 noon, a major earth quake measuring 7.8 Richter Scale hit Nepal, destroying thousands of life and buildings, affecting nearby countries like Tibet in China and north India.

Acho Rinpoche said, “The disaster faced by Nepal is faced by the whole of mankind, no one is spared. This is the collective karma of earth people.” He advised his students to aspire to help the victims, for “helping others is just helping oneself”. He advised all to chant the heart mantra of Guru Padmasambhava and dedicate the merits to Nepal, praying for the swift rebirth of the deceased in the pure land of the Buddha, praying for the speedy rescue of those still trapped beneath the rubble, praying for the quick rebuilding of Nepal from debris, and praying for the subsequent earth quakes to disappear quietly. His students are mainly layman Buddhists who live a very busy life making a living. Despite the challenging situation, many aspired to chant the heart mantra of Guru Rinpoche for 100,000 times, 300,000 times, 500,000 times and even up to 1 million times. Acho Rinpoche hopes to see the total recitations finally reach 10 million times. He also told them that all the subsequent group prayers shall have their merits dedicated to Nepal because the power of group prayers is tremendous, and the power of Guru Padmasambhava’s heart mantra is just inconceivable, which can swiftly and effectively help the victims of this disaster.
On 3rd May 2015, Lama Xile from the Karma Kagyu from Taiwan joined us for our group prayer. After the group prayer, while Acho Rinpoche and Lama Xile were on their way to the lower floor, they suddenly heard a loud bang on the upper floor. Acho Rinpoche turned and asked what happened? He was told that someone had a fall and the person seemed to have hit her head against the floor. Acho Rinpoche turned back and saw Dharma Sister Bi lying on the floor, with her face turned pale and eyes turned white. She appeared to be in great pain. Acho Rinpoche blessed her immediately and Bi was heard crying, “I entered Nepal during my chanting! I could not breathe! It was very painful!” After a while, she regained her normal self. 
Dharma Brother Shao also shared his experience with the rest. He told us that he had a vision of a valley during his meditation, where he saw a white conch shell in the air. He took the conch shell and blew it three times. He found the vision incomprehensible and consulted Acho Rinpoche on its meaning. He was told that he should “preach” in the next three group prayers. So, he did. He told us that he “saw” the devastation in Nepal after the major earth quake during his meditation. He "saw" many victims died in the disaster, including lots of animals which also died in the disaster. However, he also "saw" many “raksasa” (ghosts that feed on the flesh and blood of human) roaming around in Nepal, preying on the victims. Under such circumstances, only the heart mantra of Guru Padmasambhava would be an effective antidote.
When Shao did his prayer at home, he chanted the heart mantra of Guru Padmasambhava and dedicated the merits to Nepal. Then, he noticed that some form of light, weak in luminosity, was emitted from his heart chakra. He visualised the light in his heart chakra and tried to increase its brightness and coverage in vain. At that juncture, an inspiration entered his mind telling him that he should visualise the appearance of the numerous Buddhas in space, intense in luminosity. They entered the body of Guru Padmasambha and merged as one, intense in luminosity. Next, Guru Padmasambhava entered the body of his Root Guru, Acho Rinpoche, intense in luminosity. Next, Acho Rinpoche entered the body of Shao. Instantaneously, Shao found himself became very intense in luminosity, with light emitted from his body reaching far and wide, into Nepal. Such is the quintessential teaching of the Vajrayana – the lineage empowerment enters one’s Root Guru, and his Root Guru enters the disciple; this is indeed a very unique teaching and method that could bring about very swift spiritual attainment beyond comprehension! 
On the same night, 6 Chinese students who participated in the group prayer through the Internet from Shanghai, China took refuge in Acho Rinpoche.
What a wonderful night!
Reported by Buddha Eye Studio