Saturday, May 19, 2018

One Hundred Deity Soul Deliverance and Naga Vase Puja in Penang, Malaysia

On 4 May 2018, a group of thirty plus of us followed Acho Rinpoche on a tour to Penang of Malaysia, as he was to co-host a public prayer with H.E Konde Rinpoche on a Hundred Deity Soul Deliverance and Naga Vase Puja which was to be held at the State Chinese (Penang Association) at 13 Jalan Perak 10150 Pulau Pinang. It was coincidental that the 14th General Election of Malaysia was underway during this period that we witnessed the many posters and flags decorating almost every corner of the streets in Penang. 
On 5 May 2018, the prayer started at 10am with One Hundred Deity Soul Deliverance Prayer, followed by the ceremony of bathing a statue of Dragon King with milk mixed with medical herbs. After lunch, we left the prayer venue and headed for the beach. We would offer all the naga vases filled with precious medical herbs by dumping them into the sea, as the blessing power of the Buddha and the herbs within the vases could help eradicate the negative karma and sickness of the sea beings. During the process of bathing the statue of Dragon King, Dharma Sister Bing suddenly did three long prostrations before Acho Rinpoche; she explained to the rest that she had a vision of Acho Rinpoche transforming into the Dragon King Buddha at that juncture and the rest of the dragon family also came forward and prostrated to him. So, she felt that she was actually representing the dragon family in doing the prostrations, as a gesture of appreciation to Acho Rinpoche for his compassion and blessing. After that, Acho Rinpoche blessed all the registration forms submitted by the participants before burning. Dharma Brother Shao contributed a “dragon boat” this time, as he got a hint from a Dragon King while in Singapore, suggesting that he should make a “dragon boat” from joss papers (origami) and offered it to the dragon family. The “dragon boat”, after being blessed by Acho Rinpoche, could help deliver the numerous dragons to a higher realm of existence, either being reborn into a Buddha Land or as human practitioners, or even attain the state of Buddhahood! However, we witnessed that the “dragon boat” took a long time to burn. Acho Rinpoche later explained the reason why it took so long for it to be totally burnt as it signifies the heavy negative karma associated with these dragon beings, that it would take lots of blessing power to help them eradicate their negative karma and leave the realm of dragon, for a higher rebirth.
When we left the State Chinese premises after the completion of the One Hundred Deity Soul Deliverance Prayer, we saw a sun halo appearing in the sky, which signified the perfect closure of the prayer which was hailed by the numerous holy beings in the spiritual realm. We took a bus to the beach which had all its windows shut and no air-conditioning – we felt suffocated and sick during the bus journey. Later, Acho Rinpoche explained that it signified the hardship endured by the numerous sentient beings stranded in their current state of suffering; they would not be able to break free of their current state of suffering due to their negative karma, unless they are blessed by the Buddha. When we reached the beach, we saw some clouds in the sky appearing in the form of “dragon boat”, dragon king, dragon pearl etc. It was indeed truly amazing and unbelievable!  Acho Rinpoche was drenched twice by sea waves splashing into the boat while sailing – he knew that they signified both the welcoming gesture and appreciation expressed by the Dragon King; he felt extremely energized after being drenched by the sea water!
The whole event came to a perfect closure by late noon.

Afternote: Malaysia had a change of government on the 9th of May 2018, after the 14th General Election, with Pakatan Harapan replacing the Barison National after the latter ruled Malaysia for a long 61 years. The Malaysian citizens had their wish fulfilled – a new Malaysia was born and her people could bid farewell to the former corrupted government. We prayed to the Sun Moon Light Buddha for the prosperity of Malaysia and the happiness of her people; may the Buddha’s teachings spread far and wide and may kindness blossoms in the hearts of her people.  

Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 5-May-2018 in Penang, Malaysia.