Sunday, March 29, 2015

Amitabha Buddha Soul Deliverance Ceremony & Naga Vase Puja Held in Penang, Malaysia

On 22 Mar 2015, H.E Konde Rinpoche and H.E Acho Rinpoche of the Nyingma Dzogchen of Vajrayana Buddhism jointly presided over an “Amitabha Buddha Soul Deliverance Ceremony & Naga Vase Puja” held at a Straits Chinese Association Club in Penang, Malaysia.
Konde Rinpoche explained to the participants that the significance of the Naga Vase Puja was to help the sentient beings in the sea through the offering of naga vases filled with medicinal herbs and sacred objects. When thrown into the sea, the contents of the vases will dissolve into the water and help heal the sea beings of their sickness and cleanse them of their negative karma. This is one of the ways through which a practitioner can help other sentient beings. He also explained the higher importance of learning the teachings of the Buddha over a mere reception of empowerments, as he found more people seemed to be drawn to empowerment ceremonies than those giving the teachings of the Buddha. In addition, he re-iterated the need for all Buddhists to respect the different schools of Buddhism as they are meant to address the needs of followers of different capacities. Acho Rinpoche stressed on the important practice of “egolessness”, as a practitioner will only enjoys the fruits of true liberation when he attains the state of “egolessness”.
All participants later went out to the sea to make offering of the naga vases by throwing all vases containing medicinal herbs and sacred objects into the sea. Acho Rinpoche explained the rite of first making a prayer to the King of Naga for his swift attainment of Buddhahood, followed by seeking His blessing of good fortune. Interestingly, the sea was rough even though there was no sign of wind. At one point, there was even a strong wave splashing against the boat taken by Acho Rinpoche, drenching him wet. Dharma Sister Yue had a vision of a white King of Naga coming forward to welcome the group, thus explaining the presence of strong waves without the sign of wind.
Among the many naga vases being offered, there was a very special one with the name of “Lee Kuan Yew” written on top. It was offered by a Singaporean practitioner who volunteered to offer a naga vase on behalf of our beloved founding father of Singapore who was then still warded in an emergency ward in the Singapore General Hospital. While we were out there in the sea around 4pm, a huge thunder storm happened in Singapore, clearing the haze in the Singapore air. And on the very same night, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew drew his last breath……
Homage to Sun-Moon-Lamp Buddha.
Homage to Naga King Buddha.
Homage to Sakyamuni Buddha.

Reported by the Buddha Eye Studio, Singapore.