Saturday, July 18, 2015

The 10th Karmapa

The 10th Karmapa Chöying Dorje (1604–1674) 

Tonight Acho Rinpoche mentioned the titles of two of the Buddhas rarely heard of in the Age of Degeneration of the Dharma. These two Buddhas are only known to one or two out of a million. However, the merits generated from reciting their titles will be tremendous beyond our imagination.
The first is “Sun Moon Lamp Buddha”. One who recites his title will be deserving of offering by all sentient beings and their prostrations. When one recites the title of this Buddha, his body is no different from a precious stupa. The pure land of this Buddha is called “Pearl of the Northen World”.
The second is “Precious Body Buddha”. One who recites his title will be deserving of offering by all sentient beings in the Three Realms (Desire Realm, Form Realm and Formless Realm). The pure land of this Buddha is called “Helping All in Difficulties”.
Actually, we do recite the title of this Buddha after our group prayers every time. 
Acho Rinpoche mentioned about our impending tour to Yunan (China) in Aug 15. We will be visiting two very special places related to the Karma Kagyud: Cloud Pointing Temple and Vajrayogini Cave. The 10th Karmapa was the religious advisor to the King of Eastern Tibet during his time. When war broke out in Tibet, the 10th Karmapa fled Tibet and came to Northen Yunan. He did his retreat in the Vajrayogini Cave for several years.
Later, he travelled alone to Tibet in order to enthrone the reincarnation of his late root guru. He changed into an ordinary attire in order to enter Tibet quietly, unrecognized by anyone. However, his students prepared a horse for him and some jewels to pay for his travelling expenses. Unfortunately, the horse attracted the attention of the robbers and he was robbed of all his personal belongings including his horse. Even his clothing were robed and he was given a beggar’s cloth in return. The robbers did not know of his status and he did not bother about telling anyone who he was. Overnight, he transformed from a precious Buddhist Master revered by many into a nameless beggar. However, he was not bothered by such a change and continued his journey to Tibet. That was indeed an exceptional behavior demonstrated by an enlightened master!   
Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 16-Jul-15