Sunday, July 5, 2015

Teachings by H.H Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche

Acho Rinpoche said that human life is pre-determined by one’s karma. However, there are special practices that can truly help one prolong his life e.g. livestock liberations, Amitayu Prayer, or doing a special Taoist practice on the day of Cosmic Union of Heaven and Earth (on the 16th day of every 5th lunar month) and drinking the nectar of rain water collected on the same day which is blessed by the Buddha. Prolonging the longevity of one’s life is the most difficult task. As the Chinese saying goes, “When the Yama King wants to claim your life at midnight, how would you be able to live till dawn!”
Acho Rinpoche also shared the following teachings from H.H Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche:
Only a Buddha can tell how many times you have repeated your cyclic existence of births and deaths. And only a Buddha can tell the beginning of cyclic existence (samsara). It was mentioned in one of the sutras that if you could pile up all carcases of your past lives when you were born as an insect, they will reach the height taller than that of Mt Sumeru. If you could collect all the tears that you shed in your past lives out of sorrow, they will form an ocean larger than any oceans in the world.
All that you had done in your numerous past lives would only bring you sufferings but not any step closer to the state of liberation. Why? For everything that you have done so far, is either a harmful action or otherwise meaningless action.
All sentient beings continue to be preoccupied by the various activities at all times. Mankind is always busy competing with one another, shopping, trading, creating or destroying. Birds are always busy building nests, laying eggs and feeding their baby birds. Bees are always busy collecting nectars from flowers and making honey out of them. The rest of the animals are always busy eating, hunting, staying vigilant of their enemies and feeding their young ones. The more you do, the greater your responsibility becomes, and the harder it gets. At the end, the fruits of your labour will not even last longer than the drawing you did on the surface of water. When you finally recognise the falsity of all those meaningless activities, you will realise that –the practice of the Buddha Dharma is the only activity that is worth doing.
Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 3-7-2015