Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sri Lanka Tour: Last Night of Sharing by H.E Konde Rinpoche

We visited several sacred places in Sri Lanka this time and there were rainbows everywhere we went. This is indeed a very inconceivable experience. I had followed many renowned Buddhist Masters in the past like Dzogchen Rinpoche, Kade Rinpoche, Padma Gesang Rinpoche etc., to many places but I had never seen so many rainbows appearing in this manner. This is just exceptional and very auspicious indeed.

11 of us ascended Adam’s Peak this time on the 11th day of November (11). We even had a chance to see the Sakyamuni Buddha’s foot print on the peak. I went with other lamas to Adam’s Peak in the past but some of us did not get a chance to see the Buddha’s foot print and some of us could only see it but did not have the chance of touching it. This time, we are so lucky that we could touch the foot print and even do our prayer before it. It was just wonderful!

The process of burying the terma vase went very smoothly too. Although Acho Rinpoche stayed in the hotel and did not join us in ascending Adam’s Peak, he knew what we were doing and did a prayer simultaneously during the burying of the terma vase. When the terma vase was buried, a giant sun halo appeared in the sky – it was truly amazing! I felt very touched by the fact that we could meet such a great master in Acho Rinpoche – you are just very fortunate to be his students.

Last night, I had a dream. In the dream, I learnt that Acho Rinpoche was the one who brought Dzogchen teachings to this world. I was curious why was Acho Rinpoche the one? Then, I saw Ekajati appearing before me and showed me four words, giving me the answer to my question. In future, I will include this dream in my third book which will be written in Tibetan. I will get it translated into English and Chinese and give it to you later.

Do you know why did rainbows appear wherever Acho Rinpoche went? It is because he is protected by Ekajati who perpetually appears above his head. It is just inconceivable that rainbows always appear around Acho Rinpoche. I’m blessed by Acho Rinpoche to be able to join you on this tour too. We truly have a strong karmic connection with one another. Dzogchen lineage was originally transmitted on Adam’s Peak. We took some sacred soils from the peak too. This place is indeed very fascinating and makes me feel very touched.

Someone asked me – what is the meaning of Dzogchen (Great Perfection). “Great” refers to a matter of great significance and “Perfection” means that it has been fully accomplished. It actually means that we have fully accomplished our spiritual practice – Great Perfection. Now we are still stranded in the Six Realms of Cyclic Existence due to our negative karma. We need to cultivate our spiritual practice until we could break free of the cyclic existence one day, reaching the state of perfection. We do not need to go to a certain place to practice Dzogchen because we already have an accomplished Dzogchen master guiding us. The quintessential teaching of Dzogchen is just Guru Devotion. We must follow the instructions of our Guru 100% - this is the very condition of our accomplishment of Dzogchen. It is utmost important for a Dzogchen student to heed the advice of your Guru, revere your Guru, never desert your Guru and always visualize your Guru sitting above your head – your Guru is just Dzogchen!

I personally have had many teachers including H.H Dalai Lama, H.H Karmapa Urgyen Trinley, H.E Dzogchen Rinpoche, H.E Padma Gesang etc., who taught me many tantras. However, the most important teacher of mine is Archun Togden Rinpoche, who is my Root Guru and my Dzogchen teacher. I never forget my Root Guru no matter day or night. I pray to him before sleep and when doing my prayers. One will only succeed in his Dzogchen practice if he reveres his Guru and abide in his Guru; there is no need for him to go somewhere else to do his Dzogchen practice.

Master Tilopa was a fisherman who did fishing daily. He instructed his disciple, Naropa, to join him in his fishing too. He killed and ate many fish. One day, Tilopa asked Naropa, “I kill hundreds of fish daily. Do you still have faith in me?” Naropa answered, “I have been serving you for more than twenty years, why would I not have faith in you? I trust you completely.” Tilopa said, “As long as you trust me, it is done. If you do not, just take a look at this now.” Tilopa ate the fish and threw the fish bones back into the sea. Lo and behold, the fish became alive again! So, as long as you trust your Guru, you will receive the greatest power of blessing from him. If you do not trust your Guru, like Devadatta, the brother of Sakyamuni Buddha who did not have faith in the Buddha, even the Buddha could not save Devadatta when the latter fell into hell. You just need to take a look at all the patriarchs of Vajrayana Buddhism, all of whom perfected their practice through Guru Devotion.

Our Dzogchen Lineage is based on Guru Devotion. Shri Singha served his Root Guru for 25 years without receiving a single line of teaching from the doctrines. Why? That was because he was not ready to receive the teachings yet. His Root Guru only assigned him mundane tasks and finally transmitted Dzogchen teachings to him only after 25 years later. Milarepa also served his Root Guru (Marpa) through building and dismantling many houses, who ended up having his back badly bruised from carrying the rocks on his back repeatedly. Milarepa had never lost his faith in his Root Guru despite the hardships. This goes to show the importance of Guru Devotion. One day, Marpa told Milarepa that he wished to eat a certain food and instructed the latter to steal it (from a banquet). Milarepa could not disobey his teacher’s instruction and did it accordingly. Milarepa ended up being beaten by the people from whom he stole the food but he still tried very hard to protect the food from being damaged. Such is the practice of Dzogchen!

That’s all for my sharing. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Recorded by Lian Shao on 12-11-18