Friday, March 30, 2018

The Passing of Jigme Khenpo

Acho Rincpohe (left) and the late Jigme Khenpo (right)

Tonight, we did our annual prayer to the Year God at the beginning of a Chinese New Year under the guidance of Acho Rinpoche. After which, Acho Rinpoche explained that there is no such practice in Buddhism including the Vajrayana; he allowed such practice among us simply because it is part of our Chinese tradition. Next, he mentioned that he just attended the annual Singapore Chingay Parade last night. This was a mega project done by Dharma Brother Nah for many years as part of his job, and his last before his retirement. Dharma Sister Zhen told us that the sky was clear during the presence of Acho Rinpoche at the parade but soon after he left, the rain started to fall.
Acho Rinpoche informed us that Jigme Khenpo of Nyingma Dzogchen has just passed away. Dharma Sister Xiu shared with us a recent dream of hers, in which she saw Acho Rinpoche transmitting a Mahā-pratisāraḥ Practice. She also dreamt of Grand Master appearing at her home, telling her that he was looking for Acho Rinpoche. Acho Rinpoche said, “I have nothing.” He advised that others should not just blame XX for the huge problem created today, as XX is just a collective karma created by the group. It will be more important for one to focus on resolving the problem than being too personal about it. 
Dharma Brother Shao shared with us that when he was dedicating the merit of his practice to the late Jigme Khenpo before the latter passed away, he had a vision of Jigme Khenpo lying in his sick bed. However, the body of Jigme Khenpo appeared in golden color and was seated in a meditation posture, with many emanation bodies of Acho Rinpoche appearing around and protecting him. Shao also told us that he had a vision of Jigme Khenpo and a huge stupa appearing in the spiritual space during our prayer tonight.
Acho Rinpoche told us that Jigme Khenpo had been delivered into a higher realm of existence. The latter has attained a higher level of spiritual accomplishment and aspired to assist Acho Rinpoche and Konde Rinpoche in their spiritual endeavors. Sadhu! Sadhu!
Finally, we ended our prayer by reciting the names of the Buddhas under the guidance of Acho Rinpoche and dedicated all merits to the sentient beings - may all sentient beings be happy, free of sufferings and attain enlightenment swiftly. 

Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 24-2-2018 @Singapore