Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Recognition of a Reincarnated Master - Tulku Yangsi Gya Lama of Nepal

 Acho Rinpoche and Lopen Rinpoche
 Acho Rinpoche, Lopen Rinpoche, Nuptul Rinpoche and Princess Roshana and friends
 Singapore Students with Acho Rinpoche, Princess Roshana and friends
Wang Jie (China), Lily and Princess Roshana (Nepal) and Acho Rinpoche (left to right)

Tonight, Princess Roshana and her friends, Lily and Wang Jie, joined us for a Guru Rinpoche Prayer when they paid a visit to Acho Rinpoche at his home. After the prayer, Princess Roshana shared with us the great news about her 8-year old son being recognized as a reincnnarnated master (tulku) by H.H Dodrupchen; her son is actually a reincarnation of her late grandfather, Gya Lama of Nepal. Her son has just been ordinated as a monk and started practicing full-time at a monastery situated deep in a mountainous area in Nepal. His enthronement ceremony will be held towards the end of this year at the Bodnath Stupa. Princess Roshana invited Acho Rinpoche to attend the enthronement ceremony, to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Acho Rinpoche told us that the karmic connection between him and Princess Roshana and her friends is very strong, otherwise there would not be this meeting tonight. Several years ago, when Acho Rinpoche first met Princess Roshana at one of the Tibetan Buddhism centers in Singapore, he already knew that there was a very strong karmic bond between them. Last year, Princess Roshana brought her son and daughter to Singapore for a leisure tour, and she brought them along to meet Acho Rinpoche at his home too. When Acho Rinpoche met her son, he felt greatly moved, for he knew that her son was his fellow dharma brother in many past lives. That night, Acho Rinpoche told Princess Roshana that her son was the reincarnation of her late grandfather, Gya Lama. Gya Lama was the spiritual advisor to the King of Nepal then, and an accomplished Buddhist Master of the Tibetan Buddhism. He married the sister of the King of Nepal and contributed tremendously in the development of the country including the propagation of the Buddhadharma. H.H Dodrupchen ordinated her son and instructed Lopen Rinpoche from Bhutan, his heart son, to preside over the enthronement ceremony of the little Tulku – Yangsi Gya Lama. As Lopen Rinpoche happened to be in Singapore recently, Princess Roushana came to Singapore to discuss with him the plan for the enthronement ceremony.

Acho Rinpoche advised us that the Buddhadharma is the most precious thing in life, and the rest are not important in comparison. He wished that we would cherish the precious Buddhahdarma and practise with vigor. Tulku Yangsi Gya Lama is young in age but mature in his thinking and behavior; he has developed a strong sense of impermanence, renunciation and bodhicitta (the aspiration to help all sentient beings attain enlightenment) by now. He even told his Chinese friends at an assembly held in Nepal recently that he is destined to help the Chinese in this present life. Acho Rinpoche told us that H.H Dodrupchen, the root guru of Princess Roshana, instructed her to marry her Taiwanese husband in the past. So, the little Tulku was born and educated in Taiwan, who has learnt the Chinese language well, thus paving the way for him to be able to  communicate with and help the Chinese in future. China had experienced great pains for half a century, with the infamous Cultural Revolution destroying many good value systems of the Chinese culture including its religious beliefs, thus creating a current generation of Chinese who are very much lacking in terms of good ethical values. The Buddhadharma can bring out the innate beauty buried deep in our human nature, thus helping to create a harmonious society exuberating with a deep sense of loving kindness, compassion and wisdom. A China with a beautiful people is a key condition to her becoming a new super power in the current era. Therefore, Acho Rinpoche is praying to the enlightened beings for the most powerful blessing to be conferred to the Chinese students, hoping that some of them wouldu attain enlightenment sooner and help the rest of the Chinese walk the path to enlightenment.

Acho Rinpoche told us that the evil force is stronger than the positive force in this degeneration age. Even the reincarnated Buddhist Masters may go astray when misled by the evil force. Therefore, a good education for the little Tulkus is very crucial. H.H Dodrupchen has appointed a great teacher for Tulku Yangsi Gya Lama, in order to develop his potential fully and let him take charge of the propagation of the precious Buddhadharma in Nepal once again, for the benefits of the sentient beings. The Bodnath Stupa was destroyed slightly by a major earthquake in 2015 and has only been repaired fully recently. When the enthronement ceremony is held at this location, it can inaugurate this stupa once again. Tulku Yangsi Gya Lama can help change the fate of Nepal as a country, and bring great benefits to the sentient beings especially the Nepalese and Chinese. This world is blessed with the presence of this little Tulku!

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! 

Reported by Sun Moon KFS on 1-7-2017