Saturday, March 11, 2017

Compassionate Method vs Expedient Method

We just came back from Taiwan yesterday, after taking part in the Maha Dharmapala Empowerment Ceremony presided over by the Grand Master.   
After our group prayer tonight, Acho Rinpoche advised us that a practitioner should become softer at heart over time. A compassionate approach which promotes mutual respect and loving kindness is the ultimate method in guiding the sentient beings. This is a more superior method than a wrathful method which works on subduing stubborn sentient beings by force, for they will remain unremorseful at heart. The ultimate method of salvation is one that will soften the hearts of the sentient beings, making them aware and realize their own mistakes and repent sincerely.  
A compassionate method is just the spirit of bodhicitta. So, subduing the stubborn and evil sentient beings by force is not the true solution but a mere expedient method. When a practitioner has fully accomplished his spiritual practice, he will naturally act in a perfect way. Last but not least, a practitioner should not be rank conscious and should not be steadfast about worldly concerns.    
5-1-2017 Sun Moon KFS Reported on 5-1-2017 (The Enlightenment Day of Sakyamuni Buddha)