Saturday, December 10, 2016


Acho Rinpoche gave the following teaching after the group prayer tonight.
Grand Master fell seriously ill during Apr-May 2016, during which his physical body was overwhelmed with great pain that he could merely maintain his inner state of wakefulness. When a person goes through such major crisis in life, he will realize that all other things in life are no longer relevant to him.
Acho Rinpoche shared with the group that one of his former colleagues who was about 30+ year-old went missing while doing white water rafting in Malaysia, who was a very experienced water sports trainer. His friend sought help from Acho Rinpoche, hoping that he could be saved. Acho Rinpoche said that he could only help the search team find his body. The body of the deceased was finally found by the search team and brought back to Singapore.
Acho Rinpoche attended his wake and prayed to Avalokitesvara Bodhdisattva to help deliver the soul of the deceased. The body of the deceased lying in the coffin bled profusely through the various openings on the body and looked dreadful. Those attending the wake did not have the courage to go near his coffin except Acho Rinpoche who thought that a practitioner should face the reality of impermanence in order to increase his sense of renunciation.  
          Acho Rinpoche advised us that a practitioner should think of helping others to eradicate their sufferings when he goes through a suffering himself – “May the pain I felt help to eradicate the pain of all sentient beings!” A practitioner should aspire to help all sentient beings and take over the pain felt by the sentient beings. Abiding by the precepts, aspiring to help others attain Buddhahood and practicing the teachings are the conditions for one to be born as a human in his next life. A self-fish person who only takes care of his own interest will only fall into the three lower realms (animal, hell being and hungry ghost) when he passes away from this life.  
Acho Rinpoche also shared with us a dream that he had recently. In his dream, Mayumla was hosting a few of her friends at home by cooking a meal. One of her friends told her that he just came back from Taiwan where he paid his respect to Grand Master. Acho Rinpoche thought that the dream probably means that he should make a trip to Taiwan at the end of this year, to take part in a Buddhist function presided over by Grand Master.
Reported by Sun-Moon KFS on 6-11-2016