Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vajra Yogini Empowerment

The annual cosmic union between the heaven and earth occurred today. Acho Rinpoche conferred the Vajra Yogini empowerment to the practitioners who participated in the group prayer tonight. It was indeed a very auspicious occasion. Vajra Yogini holds the key to the successful accomplishment of the “inner heat” practice. All the inner heat practitioners must rely on Vajra Yogini to ignite their inner heat buried deep in their Root Cakhras. Acho Rinpoche told the group that he received great blessing from Vajra Yogini when he visited the Vajra Yogini Cave in Yunnan of China last year. Vajra Yogini told him that he should go to the main Vajra Yogini Cave in Gansu in future, by then She would personally give her blessing to everyone present. 
Acho Rinpoche transmitted the Vajra Yogini Practice including the visualization and the short mantra. However, he told us that the long mantra is even more powerful and that we should learn this mantra too. This special occasion is meant to plant a seed in the recipients which would ripen into fruition in future; it does not mean that the recipients are ready for the practice at this stage. When a practitioner has fully accomplished his Four Preliminaries, Guru Yoga and Deity Yoga, his inner heat in his Root Cakhra will automatically be ignited – at that juncture, Vajra Yogini will appear to give him the great blessing. Hence, Vajrayana is a gradual path that requires the practitioners to complete the required practices one after another, in an orderly mannerin order to attain the final state of enlightenment. 

Reported by Sun-Moon-KFS on 20-6-2016