Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Hundred Deities & Vajrasattva Empowerment Ceremony in Penang, Malaysia

On 13 Apr 2013, Acho Rinpoche and Konde Rinpoche jointly presided over an empowerment ceremony on One Hundred Deities and Vajrasattva Practices at Liang Family's Temple situated on Perak Street in Penang, Malaysia. Sun halos appeared twice on the day, with the first one appearing around noon immediately after the completion of the empowerment ceremony, followed by the second one around late noon immediately after the offering of dragon vases on the sea.

Konde Rinpoche shared with the participants on the preciousness of the One Hundred Deities Practice which can help us recognise the pristine Buddha Nature within us during our bardo state (an intermediate state between our death and the next birth) and attain Buddhahood. One who received the empowerment of the One Hundred Deities will not fall into hell. However, he stressed that the practitioner must revered the master who conferred the empowerment and must have full faith in the latter in order to be able to attain enlightenment. He also shared with the participants that the Dragon Vase Practice done this round originated from Master Nagajurna, discovered in the form of a hidden treasure (terma). This practice can heal the practitioner of skin problem, increase his merits and extend his longevity of life. In fact, Master Nagajurna lived a very long life after practising this practice.

Acho Rinpoche also shared with the participants that he actually fell sick one week before the ceremony. His whole body was aching badly, with the aching sensations shifting from one part of his body to the next during the entire week. It was indeed a very strange sickness. However, his sickness suddenly dissappeared immediately after the completion of the empowerment ceremony. He clearly felt that he had transformed into Vajrasattva during the empowerment ceremony and the participants had actually received a very powerful blessing during that period indeed. During the past one week when he fell sick, he had some special dreams that hinting an imminet war that might break out anytime soon, and with China experiencing the outbreak of H7N9 pandemic flu now, these are signs showing a very serious collective karma facing mankind. Therefore, he prayed to the Buddhas for blessing the world and freeing the sentient beings from great sufferings; that would make his taking on the pains of sentieng beings worthwhile.

Reported by BuddhaEye

Pictures (top-down): (1) The ceremony. (2) Sun halo appeared the 1st time around noon. (3) Offering dragon vases on the sea. (4) Sun halo appeared the 2nd time round late noon after the offering of dragon vases. (5) Group photo.