Thursday, January 24, 2013

Opening Ceremony of the Refurbished Dzogchen Retreat Center & New Library of Dzogchen Monastery, India (2012)

28 December 2012 - Opening Ceremony of New Installed Buddha Images in the Refurbished Dzogchen Retreat Center & Inauguration Ceremony of New Library Dzogchen Monastery, South India by H.H. the 7thDzogchen Rinpoche; project s endeavoured by H.E. Kunde Rinpoche & Khenpo Kunga Tashi Rinpoche; supported by both Rinpoches' la Students & Friends, Dzogchen Samten Chokling Center & Friends, Acho Rinpoche la, In attendance: Tulkus, Khenpos, Lamas of Dzogchen Monastery; Rinpoches & Lamas from other monasteries, Leaders & Lay Devotees from Dhondenling Community, Lay Practitioners & Devottess from Malaysia, Singapore, European contries, Australia, New Zealand etc...

By Sonam Yeshi, Malaysia.