Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Title: "Dancing in the Sky"

This is a collection of teachings on mind training
given by Acho Rinpoche during the recent years. They
were given by Acho Rinpoche at the end of every group
prayer session he had with his students. Throughout
the years, Acho Rinpoche always stresses on the teaching
of “mind-training”.

Mind training is the essence of Buddhism. An untrained
mind is predominated by wrong views and
karmic obscurations - the root cause of all our mental
afflictions and illusory cyclic existence. Acho Rinpoche
stresses on mind training in the practice of Buddhism,
including applying the teachings in our daily activities
between the sessions. This is an effective way of
achieving quick progress in spiritual cultivation, for
the practice should not be confined to just the short
prayer sessions.

In order to truly benefit from the teachings of the
Buddha, we must “live the Dharma, and merge the
Dharma with our daily activities.” By merely hearing
the teachings and not internalizing their values
will not benefit us in anyway. A human life is precious
only when it is being used to practise the Dharma - the
teachings that could lead us onto the path to enlightenment,
which is the ultimate state of freedom and
true happiness.

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