Sunday, November 15, 2009

Recognition of Buddha Nature (密教的见性)

Grand Master keeps talking about recognizing one’s true mind and seeing one’s true nature for years, for it leads to the ultimate accomplishment of spiritual cultivation. Finally, Grand Master talked about “egoless”, “no matter”, “no fixation” which are all crucial teachings. We need to let go of ego-grasping– the notion of “I”. For once you are attached to the notion of “I”, you subject yourself to the unceasing mental afflictions generated by the notions of “I” and “mine”.
Earlier, I just read the important teachings given by Guru Padmasambhava to His consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, “As long as you are still attached to the love and affection in this world, you will fall into the Three Lower Realms.” Around 8pm just now, Dharma Sister Ling sent me a SMS, “My husband has something to attend to, I need to stay at home to look after my boy. I will give tonight’s prayer a miss.” That reminded me of the teaching of Guru Padmasambhava, “If a practitioner is more concerned about his family matters than spiritual cultivation, he will fall into the Three Lower Realms, for he does not consider spiritual cultivation being the top priority above all else. He ought to view spiritual cultivation being more important than all other worldly concerns.” Such was the teaching He gave to Yeshe Tsogyal.
In the end, Dharma Sister Ling turned up for the prayer, and that really touched me, for she did consider the spiritual cultivation more important than her family and son. Had she chosen not to turn up for the prayer because of her familial concern, there would be nothing more that I could do about it.

Grand Master said there are many who recognized their true mind, for they could understand His teachings. However, after recognizing your own mind, how then will you be able to see your true nature? What does it mean for one to see his true nature in Vajrayana? According to Grand Mater, it means opening up your Five Chakras (energy centers in the body) i.e. crown, throat, heart, navel and base. This is considered the 2nd Level of Empowerment. When the Five Chakras opened up, the eight-petal lotus at your heart chakra will open up, with a radiant blue syllable “hum” (in Sanskrit) appearing above the lotus. Above the syllable “hum”, there is a blue light. When you see this blue light, you will see it forever – you have thus seen your true nature i.e. your Buddha Nature. When you have recognized your mind and seen your true nature, you will perpetually see this blue light henceforth. This blue light will keep rising upward, finally leaving your crown chakra, and you have attained Buddhahood.

Grand Master has described the process of the attainment of Buddhahood in Vajrayana. This is a pith instruction for Vajrayana practice. How does one attain Buddhahood? That’s the way! What do you think? Is it difficult? Let me tell you this – it is very difficult! It will require you to open up the Three Channels and Five Chakras in your body, and transport your Buddha nature upward, passing the crown chakra, for the practice to be fully accomplished. If you are not able to do so, you will just wait for Grand Master to come and bring you to the Western Blissful Pure Land and continue your practice there. When you are ready, come back to the human world to continue your practice, and start from scratch.

We need to understand that, most of the times, Grand Master only talked about the expedient methods which are not the ultimate teaching. The ultimate teaching is one that stresses on the recognition of one’s true mind and the seeing of one’s true nature, which is the true accomplishment. However, it is difficult for one to delve deep into the ultimate teaching. The pith instruction is inconceivable and most worthy. Since we are endowed with a precious human body and given such valuable teaching, we ought to cherish the opportunities by internalizing the practices and not waste our human body. If we have a precious human body but use it to create negative karmas, succumbing to our lust, hatred and ignorance, throwing our tantrums when agitated, accusing others for mistreating us etc, the door to hell will flung open to us, and we will fall. I don’t think that is worth it. We must cherish our precious human body and reflect on putting it to good use.

Guru Padmasambhava told Yeshe Tsogyal, “A practitioner should ponder on impermanence during the three periods in the day and night respectively.” The constant reflection on impermanence is crucial to helping you generate a sense of renunciation.
Renunciation will push you to practice the Tantras diligently. Through your diligence of practice, you will be able to break free from the cyclic existence. And you will walk the path of a Bodhisattva by helping other sentient beings, bringing them along to the state of enlightenment; I find this a meaningful way of doing the practice. We should not waste our time in this human world and end up being stranded in the cyclic existence full of sufferings – it is just not worth it!