Tuesday, November 4, 2008

True Happiness (真正的快乐)

Others are not our true source of happiness or sadness. We do not need the praises, love and gifts from others to make us feel happy. On the other hand, we do not need to feel sad because of the criticisms, curses, abuses and unfair treatments lashed on us by others. No need! Master Osho said, “Happiness or sadness does not come from without. Why should we be bothered about what others would do to us?”

Our happiness should come from within us. We should not rely on others to sing us praises or give us love, for our happiness. If you request others to follow your way in order to make you feel happy, or otherwise you will feel agitated when others fail to meet your expectations, then your happiness and sadness are given by others.

If you would accept the happiness given by others, you would certainly accept the sadness given by others as well. Why? Because you feel happy when others follow your way but feel sad otherwise. You will then feel unhappy when scolded by others. You will feel unhappy when others shout at you at the wrong time. You will feel unhappy when others treated you differently from your expectations. It is clear that you have many expectations, but when your expectations are not met, you will feel sad. A practitioner must know that true happiness happens right within us; it is not given by anyone else.

When happiness happens right within you, you will feel exhilarated upon seeing a falling leaf; you will feel great joy upon seeing a piece of cloud passing by the sky; you will feel thrilled when the wind breezes by your ears; the happiness that you gained far surpasses all other happiness in this world.

What is the greatest sensual pleasure in this secular world? Sexual pleasures between a man and a woman. However, such experience vanishes in a split second, followed by a downfall. If you indulge in sexual pleasures, you will fall even more swiftly. So, ultimately we should return to a simple and balanced state of being, at which point in time, you will be filled with great spiritual joy, you will live each day with joy and practice in true happiness.